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A jewel of stately Bohemian elegance opens its doors in The Mission.


When people think back longingly on the old world flavour and culture of San Francisco it always seems to be with a nostalgic reverence for days long since past. The city has changed, and with it the artistic ideals of the ghost of San Francisco past have faded into distant stories shared by the reminiscent few. But Galleria Boheme and owners Tibor Szabo and Dia LeGarie aim to break from the new aged monotony that has befallen our once creatively brimming city. 


Spirits never die, they simply wander until they find a new home: and in this new Mission-based gallery, they have found a long needed place of dwelling. Catering to a diverse, collective crowd of artists, patrons, performers and voyeurs alike, these long lost dreamers have finally found a place of permanent resonance. 


Galleria Boheme builds its grounding foundation on the ambiance of elevated artistic creativity and old world beauty. Evoking a vision of a perfectly balanced blend of bygone San Francisco, bella epoc Budapest, luminescent Paris, and lively Buenos Aires, making it a one of a kind experience for any San Franciscan to attend.


“This space just spoke to us immediately, like a vision of possibility crash landing in our minds. The whole concept and the design just flowed with our creative aims." say the owners. 

Szabo, who has already established himself as a pillar in the San Francisco art world with his sister gallery, The Foreign Lens located in North Beach. The potential was palpable, and they knew there was no time to waste. He called his photography muse and artistic collaborator, Dia LeGarie immediately.


"Everything about the space was so conducive to what we had envisioned. The stately main salon, the bar and the basement area that we soon converted into a Fortuny style speakeasy ladent in lush fabrics and silky lighting. It propositioned itself like an offer we couldn’t refuse.” 



When it comes to decor, we were working on an authentic bohemian budget: but in the full bohemian spirit the "it takes a village" mentality has led the way. We are grateful for our friends and community who donated furniture and stayed late into the night painting and prepping at our side. When anything fell beyond the parameters of our projected budget, we turned to the tool of creativity. Instead of the ornate chandeliers we had envisioned in our unencumbered dreams, we were given the gift of 100 ballet slippers which were gilded in gold leafing and repurposed to be used as a perfectly unique lighting centerpiece for the space. These makeshift chandeliers hold a candle to the unparalleled discipline and training of our dancers by immortalizing their ruined ballet shoes. The basement/speakeasy is a tribute to the legendary designer Fortuny with its lush venetian fabrics and silk lamps.

This necessary ingenuity provokes artist invocation, and often times the outcome is an unexpected improvement on the initial concept


The Galleria will host all forms of Fine Art: painting, projection, modern dance, ballet , tango, poetry, classical, jazz and world music and more.


The salon will also offer an array of gourmet mocktails and choice wines at their expertly curated events.


Szabo and LeGarie want to rebuild the bridge of past eras and bring together artists and patronage to share in this Renaissance. 


Galleria Boheme spectacularly opening will showcase an installation of large scale oil paintings by expert Italian artists Fancesco Pittore and "Dancer on the Roof" a series of nude ballerinas on San Francisco rooftops by Tibor Szabo.


The Grand Opening is set for the evening of December 3rd, starting at 6pm. The night will include:

Modern dance performance by students of Alonzo Lines. 

Nude by painting

Novio Electronica

Barrio Manouche

Dj Niil De Leo


Krampus appears throughout the event.


Galleria Boheme is available for private events as well the the gallery is open to interior designers and their clients who wish to buy fine art by the next generation of fine artists.

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Tibor Szabo


Dia LeGarie


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